Automation Testing

Due to constant changes in applications and environment, enterprises are spending too much effort and costs on regression testing. Test automation helps accelerate regression test efforts in a cost effective manner. Automation allows 24x7 unattended execution.

RoverIT's test automation framework is a tool agnostic functional testing solution for validating complex business processes. The framework uses a keyword driven approach to help non-technical users validate business processes without requiring any coding effort. The framework has delivered 30% improvement in productivity and 40% reduction in test maintenance efforts in numerous test automation engagements. The framework also seamlessly integrates with all the leading commercial and open source test tools. Using the framework, RoverIT has delivered regression suites that run into thousands of test automation scripts that were executed overnight in an unattended fashion.

The RoverIT Advantage

Reasons to partner with us on your automation testing effort are:

  • We have highly skilled and professional team of testers having years of industry experience.
  • Hands on experience in using both commercial and open source automation testing tools.
  • Partnering with us will help you cut down on 70% of your costs.
  • Utilizing our skilled resources will significantly reduce duration of testing phase.

Automation Test Tools we Use

  • Commercial Tools: WinRunner, Mercury QTP
  • Open Source Tools: Watir, Selenium
  • Custom Scripts: Java, other programming languages, and Perl