THANK YOU for your interest in considering Rover IT LLC as your prospective employer. Rover IT and its group has offices in Atlanta (GA) and India. Rover IT is an employee-oriented company geared towards providing excellent benefits while helping employees create a career for the long term based.

With over larger number of employees and consultants, ROVER IT received numerous awards in the last 6 to 7 years (ranked one of the top rated in Deloitte Fast 500 and few other prestigious awards Rover IT growth has been made possible primarily due to our committed employees and distinguished clients.


Over 80% of our new employees are referred to us by either our existing employees or our clients.

Rover IT is not just another consulting company, we are an employee job-oriented organization.

Don't expect just a 'Job' at Rover IT,come to rover and have a structured bulid carrer!


A strong, dedicated experienced team of sales/marketing professionals.

A reputation to quickly find consulting projects for our employees.

A 'resume-positoning' team, who focus upon helping you prepare resume to 'stand-out' of the crowd with mock interviews and preparations.


Rover IT offers training in AWS, Azure, Bigdata, Fullstack Java, Fullstack.Net, and other booming technologies year-round.

Led by a dynamic Management for working towards building careers, Rover IT enjoys unenviable employee retention.

We have a unique Mentor program were seasoned professionals mentor upcoming talent.


For qualified applicants, H-1 sponsorship and immediate green card process are offered with no waiting period. Applicants that are authorized to work in the United Stated are strongly encouraged to apply.

Apply here or send your resume To